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Welcome to

The Coventry

3240 Tremont Road
Columbus, OH 43221


See how great luxury senior living can be.

The Coventry is a wonderful place. It will soon be filled with laughter, joy, care and residents that will refer to it as home because that’s what it is, a real home. It’s also Upper Arlington’s newest and best Luxury Senior Living Community and will be welcoming guests in Mid 2023.

Luxury Senior Living

in the heart of Upper Arlington

While the pricing is comparable to the best of the area’s senior living options, that’s where the comparisons stop. In every meaningful way, you will find The Coventry far superior. With a lifestyle and amenities that rival a great hotel, delicious food, numerous activities and even a daily happy hour! Cheers!

We want you to love where you live.

Residents in our other Continental Senior Communities tell us they do. Could be the seemingly endless stream of activity options and amenities, the chef driven food, the safety and security of having someone there at a moment’s notice. We think it’s all of that, but at the core is the sense of community. The sense of belonging and the feeling that they are part of a larger community that’s supportive, caring and friendly. Our residents refer to our communities as home, because they are.

The only logical choice for Luxury Senior Living.

The only logical choice for Luxury Senior Living.

Clients will certainly notice and appreciate the care, the details, the quality and the effort that went into the development of The Coventry, and once they are in residence they will experience a new world of community, belonging, comfort and security.

painting of the Coventry Interior, main lobby

One of the simple pleasures in life

Sharing a home-cooked meal with friends and family is one of life's simple pleasures. Which is why we offer all-day, restaurant-style dining and serve a variety of delicious dishes using only the freshest ingredients. Check out a sampling of the offerings from our communities...

Social Life

Open a new world of social possibilities

Research shows that seniors who stay active and social experience better health, faster healing and a greater sense of well being. Our communities encourage friendship and fellowship by creating warm gathering spaces, activities to exercise the mind and body and plenty of occasions to celebrate. Come see what activities residents can expect once The Coventry opens Mid-2023...

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